Plastic filament for cleaning 3D printer nozzle, 1.75 mm 100gr.

  • Cleaning filament comes in a semi-transparent white color and it is used to clean the 3D printer’s nozzle by directly removing residual material inside it

  • Directly remove residual material inside the printer.
  • To be applied to avoid nozzle plugging issues during the transition between filaments with higher and lower melting points
Material: polymer, 1.75 mm diameter
Weight: 100g/coil ( 0.22lbs)
Length: approx. 40 m
Density at 21.5 °C: 0.91 g/cm3
Melt Flow Index at g/10min 230°C/2.16kg: 13
Melt Point: 160 - 280 °C
Heat-Deflection-Temperature: 50°C (1.8Mpa - 120°C per hour)
Tensile Strength: 23 Mpa
Impact Strength: >40 KJ/m2
Ensile Break: 6 %
Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.05 mm

A 3D printer with 1.75 mm extruder of temperature from 160°C to 280 °C

Stückzahl pro Karton50
Karton Volumen, m³0.035816
Kartongewicht, kg6
Abmessungen Verpackung (LxBxH):165x165x15 mm
Abmessungen Umkarton (LxBxH):440x440x185 mm
EAN Code8716309094931
Verpackungsdetailscolor box