Low temperature 3D printing pen, yellow

  • Develop your artistic skills and spatial thinking.
  • Low temperature 3D printing pen
  • Low temperature PCL material,safe for kids
  • Make your own creations
  • Perfect for fun and hobby use

  • Free form 3D printing pen
  • Works on a built-in rechargeable battery or 5 V USB power
  • Up to 1 hour printing on a single battery charge
  • Low temperature printing nozzle
  • Suitable for use with PCL filament of 1.75 mm diameter
Techniniai duomenys
Case material: plastic
Model build size: free form
Filament: PCL, 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.70 mm
Extruder temperature: 70 - 95 °C
Power consumption: 5 VDC up to 1A
Battery: internal rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Charging interface: micro USB
Net weight: 78 g
Dimensions: 150 x 33 x 33 mm
2. Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery,lasting for more than 1 hour
3. Can be driven by built-in battery,power bank or computer USB output
1.Voltage: 5V/2A (available for power bank and computer USB output)
2. Power supplier: built-in battery,AC/DC adapter , power bank or computer USB output
3. Pen Material: plastic
4. Nozzle: 0.7mm diameter ceramic
5. Printing material: 1.75mm PCL low temperature filament
6. Print range: unlimited
7. Temperature: unadjustable
8. Color: blue/purple/yellow/white
9. Pen size: 150*33*33mm
10. Pen net weight: 78g

Vartotojo vadovai
3DP-PENLT-01 QIG (2406 kb)

Pakuotės turinys
3D pen
Filament 3m (3x)
USB cable
User manual
Print templates
Pakavimo duomenys
Dėžių kiekis, vnt 40
Dėžių dydis, CUM 0.069003
Dėžių svoris, kg 11.71
Individual package size LxWxH:200x200x120 mm
Kilmės šalis 510x410x330 mm
Kilmės šalis CN
Brūkšninis kodas 8716309103350
Customs code8477809990
Packagingcolor box

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